A complete weekend

I decided to shake off the feeling of guilt and ignore the image of the stackS of work piling up in the office and have a lazy Sunday. Work is never-ending. In the space of just one month, work seem to have taken over my life. Of course, this is initial adjustment period where everything is new and foreign to me. Where I do have to put in more hours and efforts to manage both work and expectations. But, it is still important to strike a sense of balance and well being. I seem to be in a constant state of stress and tiredness everyday. And this is no good. I need to break this routine of working over the weekend. I need to somehow relax and contain the stress to working hours. 

I can well imagine regreting my decision tomorrow when I am confronted with my desk, emails and incessant phone calls. But, for now, I am really over the moon about having a complete weekend away from the office! Hooray! I had a really lazy Saturday, catching up on sleep. Had a really lazy Sunday morning surfing the web, watching TV. Gonna spend the afternoon reading my choice select from my steals at the book fair. We are going out for Mother’s Day dinner at Jumbo later to feast on our favourite pepper crabs. This is heavenly! The best weekend ever since I started work.



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