Snapshots of life

Coffee over L’s birthday.

A perfect day.

Went to watch Formula Drift with ex-colleagues. Was fascinated with the engines.

My little wish that came true. I am thankful for it.

More chilling….

Just chilling…

C and I were both very amused by this sign and subsequently relieved that the peacocks did not try to mate with her car.

This pile of books is getting more attention but the 2 that I read so far are really boring. Atonement and small circle of beings are not my thing at all. Too dark and depressive. The second pile that I got at the second books sale is more successful. “A year in the Merde” was an amusing read to distract me from the elbowing train crowd on my way to work. The first few chapters had me laughing uncontrollably, raising a few eyebrows and stares from my fellow commuters. Anyone who has been in Paris and put up with their bloody rudeness will be amused. Brought back some er..unwelcome albeit amusing images of me yelling at the french policeman in Paris, telling him exactly what I think of french people. Very uncool.

Er.. the textbooks that I have been sadly neglecting and shoved to the back of my mind. After a whole week of looking at financial statements at work, the last thing I want to do after leaving office is to study financial statements analysis. I do need to get my act together soon. Haiz…

From M:) I prefer to loop it up at waist with a belt and wear with jeans but maybe I will wear it as a dress the next time we catch up. 

This time last year, my cousin got her new home. This year, another cousin got his own place. In another 2 years, maybe I can get my own place too.

Finally found the pictures that I took last year at the outdoor performance of The Midsummer’s Nite Dream.

Before I started on this job, I must have watched at least 3 movies the week before. The liberty of sneaking into the movie theatre on a weekday afternoon alone to get some peace is a luxury that I know I have to give up in this job. Nowadays, my movie time is likely to be only on a friday night.

Another reason to adore my cousin & cousin in law. Their fabulous cooking!

Love the crabs. Yummy…

The taste of childhood. It was a simple meal that was reflective of the simple man that my uncle was. I loved his simple cooking. Simple fare but greatly cherished. The chilli was made from his own recipe. We grew up with the taste and fond memories. I lingered over the meal, alone in my memories, trying to drag out the memories of my beloved uncle. In a bizzare way, it felt like my way of saying goodbye to him.

Even the coffee was brewed in my uncle’s signature way. The rest of my cousins couldn’t really appreciate it except my uncle’s children, J and myself. We loved it. For the same reasons, it has the stamp of our childhood in it. This simple aroma of coffee that we all grown up with. I rememer being a toddler, making plan the night before, with my cousins to wake up early in the morning at 5-6am so that we could pester my uncle for a few sip of that coffee. Sometimes, we did wake up early enough and made such a clamor that uncle obliged with half a cup for us to share. I remember the simple joy and contentment of that few sips of coffee. The warmth of that delicious aroma. Mostly our childish delight. It is funny how little things in life (like food) are often associated with the most important things in our lives to re-surface from our memories in our lives ahead.  


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