Posted in June 2008

Playing Hopscotch

Involves lots of balancing and coordination, Patience in hopping along steps by steps, Calls for great leaps ahead as you progress in the game, Confidence aids performance and enjoyment of the game. I am playing hopscotch at work too. I need to learn the balancing and coordination acts, Be patient with my own progress, Work … Continue reading

A friendship: August 2006

We met through well meaning friends trying to get us together. Our initial conversations were conducted while you were in States. I was struggling through a difficult period at work, in a period of high emotional stress. It’s funny, we have never met face to face but amazingly,you were the one who got me through. … Continue reading

A bad encounter: May 2006

On Sat, I had a tramatic experience. Actually, I am not ready to talk about it yet, at least not in details. Just want to jot down my thoughts and feelings for now. Was feeling really bad the whole of yesterday. Met P over coffee to get it off my chest yestersday. The conclusions: 1. … Continue reading

Jeff’s quote of the day: May 2006

My personal favourite from Jeff’s sharing today. (Not the bears & the bulls but the great one liner below!) “It is only in difficult times that you learn to separate the men from the boys.” How true! The men will stay calm, prioritise, seek solutions, steer the direction for long term, evaluate, reflect and evaluate. … Continue reading

X-men and some catching up: 25 May 2006

Went to the movie preview of X-men today with a group of colleagues and met many ex-colleagues there. The show was alright, not a great show by all standards. As with shows like this, it’s the effects that are interesting, not the plot or acting. In fact, was expecting it to be more exciting. The … Continue reading

Thought of the day:26 May 2006

No matter what treatment we receive from people around us, we do deserve it. If someone treats us badly, it is because we allow it. So, we can also stop it. If we feel we should always be treated with respect and appreciation, our expectation will be naturally convey in our attitude, speech, actions and … Continue reading

Cousin:16 February 2006

My cousin…my brother Met J for dinner tonite. Told me that he feels that he & gf have problem connecting.Apparently, they have been trying too hard to give in to each other & avoid upsetting each other when they are really very different. Guess both of them have been trying too hard. After a while, … Continue reading