Health issues

Another visit to ICU.

This time, to visit another uncle who had a sudden heart attack. He is scheduled for an operation end of the week. The doctors seem to think he is going to be fine which is great.

Recently, the frequency of having to make hospital visits is kind of freaking me out.

Last week, over lunch S told me that her blood test result was irregular. There is a lack of oxygen flow in her blood stem due to lack of Hemoglobin. They are doing more tests on her. I really think she is taking it quite well. Now is not the time to panic is her attitude which is rubbing off on us. 

A is also requesting to do a neuro scan cos of her frequent headaches. Guess it is good to be more prudent.

In a rare fit health consciousness after leaving the hospital, I went to Carrefour and get a load of vegetables intending to survive this whole week on salad for lunch as my detoxifying effort. But, I doubt smoked salmon and salad cream is helpful in detoxifying. Well, at the very least, I will be eating healthier lunches. For this week.

Oh darn! I still need to go for another x-ray to double check on my lung infection.  



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