A New Milestone: Reaching 30 & A friendship of 15 years : Oct 2006

We had tea and a really lovely time catching up on our 15 years of friendship. Gosh! That is exactly half my lifetime to date.

I am truly blessed to have a friend like CH This is the friend who listened to me sobbing over the phone countless times. This is the friend who let me stay at her place without question when I wanted to stay away from home on a nite of disaster. This is the friend who brought health supplements to the hospital for me when I was keeping watch over my dad in hospital. She was with me through numerous trials and tiny misadventures, through happy moments and laughters. She is the one I constantly turn to whenever I feel in need of a blunt ticking off. She never fails to give me the tongue lashing that I truly deserved.

In spite of all my weaknesses and idiotic antics, she has been my friend and pillar of support for 15 years. For her unwavering friendship, I give thanks. Thank you, CH, for being my friend & always being there.

Hope that our friendship will continue to be steady as a rock till we are little old ladies drinking tea together to celebrate our 50, 60, 70 birthdays!

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