Not all problems need to be solved: Aug 2006

Reflections of my conversation with mh today.

“The issue with you is that you need to recognise that not all problem needs to be solved.

You have to evaluate the problem and recognise that some problems cannot be solved or at least, not immediately. If you think that after doing what you can, the problem will still stay, then don’t waste your time on it. Some problem will always float around until the circumstance changes. In time to come, it will take care of itself.

Then, there are problems that you can’t solve on your own or the onus is not on you. So, you either ask for help or you leave it to the right person to handle it.

Then, there are problems that you can solve and it’s up to you to solve them. That is what you should be focusing on.

Don’t try to take on everything by yourself and over-complicate things. It could backfire. You end up feeling frustrated and nothing is settled.”

Good advice. The problem with me is I am a worrier from way back. It’s hard to move ahead when I am worry about left, right, back and front. That’s why I am in the rut. I need to learn to leap ahead.

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