X-men and some catching up: 25 May 2006

Went to the movie preview of X-men today with a group of colleagues and met many ex-colleagues there. The show was alright, not a great show by all standards. As with shows like this, it’s the effects that are interesting, not the plot or acting. In fact, was expecting it to be more exciting. The exciting part was when AD won the grand prize of X-box from the lucky draw.

Met up with AG to catch up after that. Realised that I really missed having her around. She is so real, funny, gracious and optimistic. You know, the kind of pleasures that you get when you meet up with a friend after quite a time lapse, and, you still feel the sense of familiarity in the things that she says and does, yet at the same time, you happily embraced the positive changes you see in her. Enjoyed her latest updates on her love life.

I really miss the good old days when we were all happily working together. We were poor and vulnerable. We were struggling and starting out in the career was tough. We worked long hours but we were there to support each other. We worked hard and played hard. We eat and party together. We buy each other comfort food. Before we knew it, the good old days were over. All of us have move on with different progress in our lives. Our encounters have developed us into different people from who we were. Our personalities are still intact but our perspectives have changed. Somehow, we learn to tone down and mellow down. We learn to take things in our stride with a pinch of salt. We grow more confident of ourselves. We are moving closer to understanding the things that are truly important to us. Occasionally, glimpses of our childishness and idealism still re-surface now and then, to remind us of who we are at heart. Whereas, our cynical defences remind us of valuable lessons learned and how far we have come. Quite a long way actually.

Cheers to all the friends that I have known throughout this period of my life! Whether or not, you are still a part of my life, I am really happy to have you there. From each and every single one of you, I have learn something. For this and many more, I thank all of you.

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