Posted in July 2008

A little personal space

Last Tuesday, in a desperate bid to simultaneously escape a boring lunch conversation and find myself some  much needed personal space. I brought along the book I tucked into a corner of my work desk with some half baked idea to grab lunch and have it by the river. After 5 mins of blissful reading and … Continue reading

Rainy Muddy Faraway Tuas

Yes, in case you were there, I was the bimbo strutting all over the muddy construction site in my high heels. Yes, even to the musky toilet still in progress but already exhibiting full blast toilet smelling potential. Nobody can say my job is not interesting. And no, I didn’t plan on arriving for building inspection in … Continue reading

The right question

Maybe, the right question to ask myself when shit happens is “how do I make it better”? If I ask myself this facing every screw-up, sooner or later, things will be better. The fact that I am doing something to make things better, should make me feel better.


Met these 2 danish girls taking whimsical shots. Was really amused by this pose. I thought it was so cool and approached them to help me with this shot. We had alot of fun and happily decided to title our shots “Paris, my ass!”.   I do miss whimsicality and fun. Been doing all the boring stuffs lately. Feeling all stiffled and really … Continue reading

6 months

It has been hell of a 6 months. Lots of things have changed and lots of happenings. Some good, some bad. I have not seen you since that day. What difference can 6 months make to the way I feel? Frankly, I have no idea except that I do not allow myself to ponder too … Continue reading

Ironic relationship

Today, H came down to meet me for lunch. I realised how much I miss decent conversations. The kind that I can just say exactly what I feel, make corny jokes if I want to and still manage to have a good time and fun conversation. As usual, he left me food for thought. It was … Continue reading

No man is an island

I have not seen my cousins for weeks but I know I have cousins who care. I know because my cousin had been helping me buy lunch for my mum the whole of last week. J called and reminded me to call if I need help. And even though, I brought my mum home. My … Continue reading


To pay for my tax first, then send an email to dispute it. With the gahmen, you always pay first and dispute later. In case, they do eventually agree with you, you get some tax credit back.


Today, I see light. Mum seems so much better. I should be able to throw out my nightmare report this week. It is amazing what a light-hearted lunch with a friend can do.   It is great to be able to rattle off without having to mince words. It is wonderful to laugh out loud. … Continue reading