Was desperate. Too tired and stressed. Decide to send mum to hospital, only to be told no bed was available.

Upon hearing that, she insisted on coming home instead of going to suggested hospital.

My uncle kindly came to the rescue. Mum is now staying at his place for the night.

Came home relieved but just so tired. Need to do the fucking paper. If I can’t churn it out by this week, I am dead-meat. Brain not functioning. Think I am driving my boss crazy with my lack of memory and ceaseless slip-ups.

Just so tired. Not sure how much longer I can hang on. Am not thinking anymore. I just do,do,do,do and do work mindlessly.

I hour sleep first. Paper later.


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  1. I hope you manage to get into a balanced rythm at work soon (combined with your duties at home). We work to live, not live to work.

    Chin up! It’s will be better!

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