The picture in my mind

I have developed this weird habit these 2 weeks. 

I painted this picture in my mind.

A picture of me, lying on my back on the grass somewhere nice, like Switzerland, barefoot, relaxed and happy, glazing lazily at a blue sky with filled with floating clouds, enjoying the sun and light breeze, with a picnic and beer, without any care worrying me.

I recalled this picture often. When I face delightful people who make my blood boils so violently. When I feel so absolutely stressed, tired or frustrated. When I look at all the documents and wonder when can I walked through them. When I am so tired that I kinda want to just drop to the floor and sleep and sleep and sleep. When I feel like I am the rubberband that is stretched to the point of snapping. I focus on this picture in my mind.

With this mental picture in my mind, I somehow calm myself down and make myself carry on with whatever I was doing.


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