Ironic relationship

Today, H came down to meet me for lunch. I realised how much I miss decent conversations. The kind that I can just say exactly what I feel, make corny jokes if I want to and still manage to have a good time and fun conversation.

As usual, he left me food for thought. It was only when I got back to office that I realised that I have just been caught by the oldest trick question that he has up his sleeves. Was really amused when it striked me. Can’t wait to tell C about it. Well, if that woman finally makes her way down to do lunch.

Our relationship with H is always an ironic one. We respect him and trust his good sense and yet, maintained a level of guardness as our self defense mechanism. It used to be all trust and respect. Somewhere along the way, the level of heightening guardness just creep steadily in.  

Well, considering the amount of time he spent over the years taking turns to offer two of us tissues over all sorts of events, big and small, personal and work. We know that to a certain extent he does care. Which explains the element of respect we have for him. And of course, our respect for the undeniable amount of bluntness, perception and common sense he had. But, the level of guardness in the relationship is important to maintain our sense of balance.

I have to admit that I am really glad to have lunch with him. He helps me restore the sense of balance and perspective I need now.


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