No man is an island

I have not seen my cousins for weeks but I know I have cousins who care.

I know because my cousin had been helping me buy lunch for my mum the whole of last week. J called and reminded me to call if I need help.

And even though, I brought my mum home. My aunt and uncle had been calling to make sure that things are still manageable for me. And more importantly, mum is getting by. I am really grateful to both of them.

W and S had both been just a call away when I need them. S had been making the effort to meet me for lunch despite her own worries at home. A has been also making the effort to meet me for a meal since she knew that things were not all rosy for me.  

At work, my boss has been extremely patient and understanding with me. Given that I am so new, she has been really kind and tolerant.

It is reassuring to know that some form of help is available if I really need. I am thankful to have people around who cares.


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