Met these 2 danish girls taking whimsical shots. Was really amused by this pose. I thought it was so cool and approached them to help me with this shot. We had alot of fun and happily decided to title our shots “Paris, my ass!”.  

I do miss whimsicality and fun.

Been doing all the boring stuffs lately. Feeling all stiffled and really bored. All my pyscho-ness is just festering inside, dying for release. Most of the time, I just bite back my cranky comments at work. Haiz! There are days when I question myself if I am in the wrong place. Not that it is a bad place to be in, just that I feel so stiffled in a prim & proper workplace environment. I miss gaiety & laughter. I need to meet my friends more often really, now that I have given up working late and mum is well again. 

I need to bring back whimsicality in my life. The whim to do things I deem as fun and the ability to laugh right out and make fun of the ridiculous things I am putting up with at work. Like screaming customers. I am sure cracking jokes out of their screaming sessions should be quite fun.


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