A little personal space

Last Tuesday, in a desperate bid to simultaneously escape a boring lunch conversation and find myself some  much needed personal space. I brought along the book I tucked into a corner of my work desk with some half baked idea to grab lunch and have it by the river.

After 5 mins of blissful reading and munching, I was rudely interpreted by a self-proclaimed fortune teller who smilingly parked himself beside me for the next 5 mins. The most wonderful thing was, within 5 mins after getting rid of him, another man sat himself next to me and offered to read my fortune. My reaction was one of comical disbelief. Seriously, do I look that bad? Must be looking really depressive or sucidal, huh? Why else will I attract 2 fortune tellers in span of 15 mins? This one was really persistant and stayed for a full 10 mins. 

The unfortunate thing was that I was stranded there with my half eaten fried noodle, hot tea, huge bag and book, all scattered on the bench in an auntie-ly manner. And anyway, why should I leave? Well, at least, it was quite entertaining to hear all the stuff he was trying to deduct from my features while I was feverishly shoving lunch down. At the very critical point where he could have turned me into a millionaire, his phone rang and he had an incomprehensive conversation to leave me dangling rather desperately awaiting for my life-turning secret. Darn! I could have been a millionaire by now. And to think that opportunity actually knocked TWICE!

I have since then develop my own personal theories to the things they mentioned. Or rather, their skills in fishing for information. After I finally got rid of him, mood was pretty ruined. I headed back office the soonest possible.

Today, I was in rather much the same mood. I wisely decided that the river was a bad idea. The 2 men are probably there everyday lurking around, fishing for customers to tell fortune to.

And guess what, while roaming, I finally found my little “escape” corner in an aged old spot. It is highly visible and yet able provide my much needed personal space. It comes with music, the sun, newspaper and people watching. And yes, I will be eating lots of McChicken for lunch from now on.


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