Posted in August 2008

The unexpected turn of life

Last I heard, they were trying for a kid. Fast forward, half a year later. They are filing for a divorce. Both parties are adamant about it. The only bright spot one can think of is, “It is a good thing that the kid did not come along.” Really sad shit. Advertisements

Unexpectedly eventful day

I woke up this morning looking forward to a relaxing day, just a full day training and a quiet dinner with a friend. But, in the course of the day, I received News of a new birth News of death News of a couple I know filing for divorce. An invitation by client to attend … Continue reading

two words

Loss. Cut. Loss. Cut. These two words about sum up my mental space recently. Two simple and powerful words translating into stiff shoulders, rigid back and a whole chain of rather unfriendly reactions. And churning. Lots of churning in my stomach. And tons of burping and discomfort. I feel like a billowing whale most of the … Continue reading

On the rocks

This house is amazing. Envision going to bed with the waves luring you into slumber and waking up to the same soothing sounds with birds chirping for companions, streak of dawn light enticing you into wakefulness. To glaze out and see miles and miles of sea all around. How lovely. I wonder what they mean by skilled workers. … Continue reading


Halfway through training today, I suddenly felt really thankful for this job. Granted this is not the best place to be in, but this is an entry point, a stepping stone. The role was what I had in mind when I was in school. After a detour, I am doing what I wanted. The training was very useful. It certainty … Continue reading

Not to sweat the small stuffs

I count my blessing and thank my lucky stars for having a great boss. She is the best boss I have worked with so far. She is really there to solve problem and yet manage to give us individual spaces. I am really thankful to her. Even though, many such occasions come with a tinge of … Continue reading

My favourite places III

Somedays, when I am feeling particularly stressed out, I take a walk along this stretch. I love this place. It’s a place where I can sit down and reflect on my thoughts while idling watching whatever games that is happening in the field. A haven right in central district, among high rise buildings. A nice place to walk, unwind a little … Continue reading