Making plans

Am planning a beach holiday with C. A few days of getaway to bathe in the sun, snorkel, enjoy lying on the beach and just read a book, grab a beer, eat an ice-cream and just basically bum on the beach. I can’t speak for C but I am looking forward to switching off my mobile.  No booking done yet. According to C, we can booked a room online the week before, just hop on a bus to JB, make our way to the ferry, hop on and we are there. Resort is basic, no aircon but they serve good food by the beach. Sounds cool. At least, it is not some overpriced touristy resort.

M is currently planning a working trip to Japan. We were casually talking about the possibility of me joining her. The plan is to go 4-5 days before the meeting, preferably over the weekend. I can leave on sunday night and she can go for the meeting on monday. We intend to just roam at our leisure and visit quaint restaurants or local eateries. The point is we hope to take a holiday together before she gets pregnant. Hopefully, we can swing it with all the messy affair of coordinating of schedules between her and hubby, then, our respective work schedules.

And, over lunch today, W asked if I wanted to go for a break. I decided to ask her to join us for the beach holiday. Think the gals will hit it off rather well:)

Yesterday, B suggested that we can go States now that the dollar is rather low. (yes, it is currently rising but still considered cheap). Well, the idea is a no go for me. I don’t think I can stomach a long trip with B. Sad but true. Must be realistic. I doubt either of us will enjoy very much. She is the typically can’t sleep without aircon, must carry branded bag, put on make-up, eat good food kinda of gal. I am the casual, messy, don’t see the need to plan too much, eating a sandwich is fine but fine dining is cool if I feel like it kinda of gal. We will just irritate the hell out of each other.

Seems like everyone planning on going away all around too.

The 2 months ahead look interesting. Corporate events, holiday plans, upcoming wedding, forthcoming new birth, dance class and new gym membership. Plus more and more close friends being proposed to. So, more weddings and ROMs on the way.

I am living again!

Feeling more alive, I am taking more initiative to meet my friends for lunch. I called S and cajoled (rather out of character) him to come down for lunch this week. He sounded rather worried and enquired with concern if I was feeling alright. Unfortunately, I was in office and can’t just blatantly tell him that I am just bored and need more interesting lunch companions.


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