My supersampler is finally on its way! haha!

Can’t wait!

I have plans for it.

To shoot best friend’s boy. To capture his cuteness while I can. The impish grin, determined sparkle in his eyes, little frown with his little nose all crinkled up. He is growing so fast. Every visit brings surprises.

To shoot D’s first born. To capture that little fella upon his arrival. All wrinkled and funny looking. To say Welcome to the little fella.

Shoot my mum. Wrinkled and all. heehee. But, really still pretty for her age.

To shoot my cousin’s new place. Judging by the rate he is tidying up. I should be taking chaos and mess:p

To capture the joyous moments of my friends’ weddings and ROMs. Lots of weddings coming up.

JA, P, HC, A and C. Maybe, more on the way.

D & D too. Almost upon me.

Oh and holidays. Lots of sky, sands, sun and sea! With my Supersampler! Ssssss!

Random pics on random moments.

yeah, supersampler. I have plans for you. lotsa plans. lotsa pics for you to take. Lots of beauty to be captured through your lens.


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