Not to sweat the small stuffs

I count my blessing and thank my lucky stars for having a great boss.

She is the best boss I have worked with so far. She is really there to solve problem and yet manage to give us individual spaces.

I am really thankful to her. Even though, many such occasions come with a tinge of guilt that she is helping to do some of my stuffs or cleared some screwed up situation with customers. But, I have accepted that this is the learning process that I must inevitably go through. I have also decided that sometimes, it is not a good idea to sweat the small stuffs. Like insisting she throw back the report so that I can amend it myself which will inevitably make both of us busier, even though, mentally I was already trying to grab the report back. Instead I curbed my denser impulse and made a mental resolution to brush up my technical competencies asap so that my next report will be better. After looking through the amended report, I was quite comforted that it was not as bad as I thought. As I proceed, I should get better at picking up details to present a stronger case.


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