Halfway through training today, I suddenly felt really thankful for this job. Granted this is not the best place to be in, but this is an entry point, a stepping stone. The role was what I had in mind when I was in school. After a detour, I am doing what I wanted.

The training was very useful. It certainty cleared lots of cobwebs from my mind. After all the fumbling and stumbling, it was really wonderful to have things explained to me in clear and concise details. The trainer was really good in explaining concepts and putting them into practical context and perspectives to help us grasp the technicalities of application.

It is a pity part of this training was not conducted as part of orientation. Of course, I do agree that some portion of the training is really relevant and useful only after you have worked on a few cases. I supposed training cost was probably a consideration when planning the training schedule.

Anyway, this training is like the best use of my time since I joined. We all came back with an appreciation of how badly written our previous reports were. Hopefully, our bosses can look forward to reading better reports, which do not cause as much distress, after the training. I still have a long long way to go but I also realised how much I have picked up in the past few months. It is a good feeling.


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