Posted in September 2008

The meaningless of it all

6 months in a corporate job and I find that I barely remember what having a life means. It is not even some high flying job. Just a job with multiple responsibilities and vulgarities of life in a corporate environment piling up. Vulgarities in multiples form. Taking kickass shit from being the new kid on the … Continue reading

What does it tell you?

I have been trying to search for the right adjectives to describe how I feel towards my current job. For some reasons, there seems to be no right adjectives adapt enough. I was struggling to describe how I feel over dinner to P last week when she asked, “So, do I take it that you … Continue reading

Feasting weekend

Friday. Feast buffet style. Lobsters, cod fish, cavier, goose liver, desserts. Free flow wine. Lychee too high for my own good. And blame it on the waiters for doing too good a job in topping up. Tsk tsk…not sure how to face certain people tmw. Sat. Barbeque. Lots of meats. Beef ribs. 2 kind … Continue reading

Fate is sealed

For the time being anyway. Guess the letter sealing my fate temporarily should be on the way. Hopefully, I get the tiny pay raise that was recommended despite rocky market conditions. So now, I bid my time here and try to relax while learning on the job.


“Work to live or live to work?” With my confirmation fast approaching, I find myself pondering over this question. My choice is obviously work to live but recently, I have been feeling like I live to work. In which case, life seem rather meaningless. Am pondering on the suitability of the job and what I … Continue reading

Unnecessary trussle

I spend too much time yelling at my mum. Today, I actually told my mum something along the line of ” I am yelling at you for your own good!” Jesus! I actually sounded like my parents all those years ago. This is bad. It must be the age. And, I am actually telling it … Continue reading

Carefree moments

The next backpacking trip is booked for Jan. It feels like too long to wait. Beach holidays plan is out. Contemplating to bring mum for a cruise but only if aunt is able to join us

Mamma Mia!

The movie is wonderfully lighthearted and funny to watch. Just the right diversion on a Friday night to uplift stressful souls from work and set the mood for weekend. *wide grin* I feel all at peace with the world after an absolutely relaxed day away from work and all that pampering. Sleeping in late, facial, … Continue reading