Unnecessary trussle

I spend too much time yelling at my mum.

Today, I actually told my mum something along the line of ” I am yelling at you for your own good!” Jesus! I actually sounded like my parents all those years ago. This is bad. It must be the age. And, I am actually telling it to my mum. Or rather yelling it to her. And I have been yelling at her for 2 days.

And then, I spend even more time feeling bad about yelling at her. Maybe that was what my parents felt all those years bad. Must be the karma floating around. In which case, I should have my turn of getting yelled at by my kids.

And also, too much time in a trussle with myself between anger and self righteous vs guilt and sympathy. Very fun indeed.

And really, too much time downloading each espisode to those sympathetic ears of friends and cousins. Although, I have to say, often recounting the incidents often make it amusing enough to make me feel lots better.

I am really thankful to these people for their selfless voluntary listening ears. Especially my cousin who, not only bear the blunt of it but also is the one who can truly understand and empatize.

Our cousin-ly bonding lies in our issues with mothers. It did occupied to us that maybe, someday, our childen can carry on the family tradition of gathering together to bitch about us. Could be why none of us have any kids yet.


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