Feasting weekend

Friday. Feast buffet style. Lobsters, cod fish, cavier, goose liver, desserts. Free flow wine. Lychee Martinis..got too high for my own good. And blame it on the waiters for doing too good a job in topping up. Tsk tsk…not sure how to face certain people tmw.

Sat. Barbeque. Lots of meats. Beef ribs. 2 kind of porks. Chicken. Wrapped with lettuce. Korean style. Fried rice. Otak. Apple sturdel. Devils Eggs. Almond jelly. Lots of wines. Red. White. Champagne. Beer. Whiskey. With the worse hangover in my personal history still hanging and having C and J there to tell me embarassing details of the night before (I called them and tell them the same silly things repeatedly), I skipped the acohol and sipped oolong tea all night.

Sun. Family dinner to celebrate mum’s birthday. Lots of seafood. German pork knuckle. Finally vegetables. Washed down with lots of chinese tea. Finishing with the durian cake I brought.


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