Posted in October 2008

In the corporate world…

Sometimes, you encountered “theft” in its most window dressed and glamorous form. One of my proposal came back with a strange proposition. Am quite pissed actually. I wonder if the person who came out with the strange proposition (aka unreasonable, unbelievable & unpractical) knows what the hell she is doing. I get the idea that my big boss thinks … Continue reading

Carry on dreaming

I have this impulse to go online book myself an airticket to Melbourne and book myself a room in South Yarra or somewhere peaceful and cosy for 3 weeks. And tmw, I will just go throw that letter and call it quits with the corporate world and all the screaming voices over the phone. Come … Continue reading

Bravo, gal!

Over dinner, M shared with me that she got pregnant but..the embryo only survived for 2 weeks. A lesser woman than M (people like moi) will have been rather downcast with disappointment. After all, they have been trying for the past 2 years. But, not my friend. Bravo, gal! She was disappointed, of course. However, she is … Continue reading

I need to laugh more often. I miss my own laughter. It struck me the other day how much time I used to spent laughing in the office. Or how much time I spent laughing for that matter. Laughter that just gushed out. Spontaneous, natural, loud and from the heart. I really need to allow myself … Continue reading


J just got back fm Perth whilst L & A is currently enjoying Maldives. M has just flown off to Japan for a week. W is in Korea. Really, I could go on and on. It seem like every week or so, someone is flying off. I need my holiday fix SOON! Argh! This is … Continue reading

If money is not an issue, will I be in this job? No! What do you like about this job? It is interesting if only the system is not so utterly screwed up. What do you dislike about this job? Beside the screwed up system, the boring environment that gives me the sensation of slowly … Continue reading

Had lunch with TL and F. Was touched that they came down specially to have lunch. Just seeing them and I am all relaxed and at home. Was quite overwhelmed with a sense of “homesickness” for ex-colleagues when I said bye to them.

The warmth of familiarity

My ex-colleagues had training right in the next building yesterday. I was really happy to receive a call to meet TL asking me if I wanted lunch. Since I was meeting C & J for lunch, we arranged to meet up next week when he will be around the area for another training. His one … Continue reading

Mamma Mia

I am absolutely smitten with movie and its soundtrack. Brought mum to see it thinking she might enjoy it. My dear mum actually dozed off throughout half the movie, waking occasionally to chuckle dutifully and throw me sheepish looks. Guess the attempt was a flop*bemused* Should have known better… “>