The warmth of familiarity

My ex-colleagues had training right in the next building yesterday.

I was really happy to receive a call to meet TL asking me if I wanted lunch. Since I was meeting C & J for lunch, we arranged to meet up next week when he will be around the area for another training. His one call brightened up my drab morning.

Bumped into N right outside my building later in the day and pounced on him like we had not met for decades. Feels really good just to see him somehow.

Had fun with the girls over lunch being our usual psycho-tic selves.

Just seeing ex-colleagues bring a warmth that lasts throughout the day.

Missed you guys lots!

P.S. Actually, the people in the office are not too bad. My boss is really nice. The rest of the people are ok too. Er..well maybe save for one spoilt brat. “It doesn’t kill you to be more helpful really” But, beside being kinda of selfish, he is not that bad.

Just different wavelength I guess


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