Carry on dreaming

I have this impulse to go online book myself an airticket to Melbourne and book myself a room in South Yarra or somewhere peaceful and cosy for 3 weeks.

And tmw, I will just go throw that letter and call it quits with the corporate world and all the screaming voices over the phone. Come home, pack my bag and take off for 3 weeks of blissful rest.

Once touched down, I will head straight to the market, buy groceries & wine. Boil myself some hearty home-made soup full of carrots, onions & potatoes, have some crusty bread and accompanied with some wine & music. Tuck myself into bed with a happy book and soft music in the background and fall asleep. I shall sleep all night and the rest of the next day too. No, toss it! I shall sleep for 2 days and 2 nites if I feel like it and get some restful sleep. I shall just laze happily at the apartment for the next few days. Doing nothing except to enjoy life eating, sleeping and whatever I feel like. No stress, no deadlines, no phone calls, no reports.

Oh, and the phone will definitely be switched off the moment I get on the plane.

Can’t believe I am posting this. I am definitely going bonkers soon. Now, since I have drummed up the images, maybe I can carry on with the dream in my sleep & transmit some positive feelings of restfulness.


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