Posted in November 2008

Tired tired tired

I like to blog about the eccentricity of the dough factory I work in. I like to blog about screaming customers and internal stupidity that spill out from the phone splashing all over my desk and mental space. I like to blog about my best friend’s adorable boy. But, tired tired tired too tired………………………………….. N I hate the … Continue reading

In preparation of my favourite boy

The best friend is coming over tomorrow with the son. hehehe… Am looking forward to playing with him. He probably has grown another few inches and learn more new words. I am staying at home today to clean up the house. Wondering what to do for lunch tmw. To cook or order pizza. Feeling lazy. Pizza … Continue reading


To the brim! Met the cousins and as usual, wherever we meet up, we compulsively eat ourselves silly. As usual, whenever one of us declared too stuffed for another bite, the rest of us look at each other in amusement. Cos, of course, it is only a matter of minutes before the person will be … Continue reading

Not good for each other

U and I are hanging out alot. We are both relatively new in our jobs with facing similar frustrations, feeling inadequate despite trying our best and more or less face the same challenges and stress. Our confidence has simultaneously taken a beating and are lugging our frustrations while trying hard to remain composed (and failing … Continue reading

Must drink more milk

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Have to say

1. I am really glad Obama won. And even happier that George Bush is no longer the President. 2. I wonder why does management has to react to the market news. Why can’t somebody up there be proactive, sit down, assess the possible risks (it’s not rocket science) and ask for consolidated reporting instead of throwing down … Continue reading

Grouchy old cow

I have been a grouchy old cow of late. But, somehow, in the chain of trivia day to day incidents happening in my life recently, there was a realisation that I do have alot in my life to be thankful for. I am really thankful to have really good friends around. People who despite putting up with my … Continue reading

Older by the dozen

Bumped into an ex-colleague from way back outside my office yesterday. We said hi and had a chat. At the end of our 10 minutes conversation, I ventured to ask, “I am so sorry but what’s your name?” He told me and then promptly asked my name. We were both quite amused. I mean, I … Continue reading


Everyday, we try our darnest to make things difficult for selective clients in as charming & discreetly a manner as possible with the fond hope that they eventually get the point and say a graceful farewell to us with fond memories of our lovely charms lingering in their memories. I feel about as charming as a rattlesnake actually…

So said the fairygodmother

“So you missed out on one great guy. And yes, he is really great. So, what is the big deal? There are still plenty of other great guys around. You don’t want to miss out on all of them. So go out, meet some and have a ball! Make some great friends and break some … Continue reading