I am plotting to drag my cousin and W along for Hossan’s upcoming performance. Cousin is fine with catching the performance. Have yet to ask fren. Hopefully, she can make it. Thinking it is unwise to be mentioning anything about trying to get anyone together. Don’t want them to feel awkward. So, it will just be a simple, “I am catching this performance. Want to go? My cousin/fren is also coming as well.” P said she is keen too. That is good. With the performance as the main agenda, nobody needs to feel awkward. I am just creating the opportunity for them to meet up. After that, it is up to them to hit it off or not.

There is a high probability that cousin may just yell at me when I finally confess my intention but that’s not stopping me. I think we are just dying to marry the other party off. I think my cousin truly needs a family of his own to make him feel complete. He is like my brother. I really hope to see him find someone who can make him as happy as E&J are. Someone who he can settle down with. Of course, I do not expect that he and W will definitely hit it off but no harm in creating opportunity to meet up. Anyway, even if nothing comes out of it. W can occasionally hang out with us too.


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