Reading again

Ever since it dawned on me that I have not read any book quite a while, I resolved to read something from my stock of books reckoning me on the shelves.

Am reading “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. So far, am quite taken with it. Today, after picking up my stuff from the office, I decided to grab a Macdonald meal & just have it by the river so that I can read there. It feels great & really relaxing to be sitting my the river munching on my sandwich with the flow of tourists tickling by. It was easy to forget that this is the place I work. For a moment, I was caught and transported back to the afternoon where I was hanging by the playground in Paris, watching kids played, while reading my books & sharing my garlic sausage with this friendly elderly lady beside me. And I feel totally at bliss & happy. It is amazing how different I feel being there in the same place on a weekend vs a weekday. On a weekday, I will be all stressed and feeling lousy. Grrgh!

While shopping for a gift for U, I decided to get “Thank you for the memories” for myself. The title caught my eyes and I brought it cos it was the same author that wrote “P.S. i love u”. Love the show. I ended up leaving MPH with 4 books. Got “The Shack” for U. Think it may possibly be something she likes from the back cover. Hopefully, she does. Brought “Dewey” for P, thinking she definitely will love the cover and the cat story. That woman actually guess the title of the book & told me that she was on the verge of getting it for herself. So now, she is demanding that I hand out the gift in advance as she wants to read it immediately. Since I was on a roll with book-shopping, I decided to get “Marley & I”for the cousin since he loves dogs.

Was in Suntec for gym & passed by a book sales. Grabbed “The million dollar baby” for 6 bucks.

Not sure when I can finish reading at this rate but having books there waiting for me to read makes me feel great.

Maybe, I should be a librarian instead.

P.s. I am feeling kinda of guilty cos despite bringing work home, I neglect to look at it.


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