Posted in December 2008

It’s that time of the year

I have 2 New Year’s resolutions this year. My top priority New Year’s resolution for 2009 is to focus on giving myself choices in my life. 2008 did not feel like a good year even though it was really like a fresh start in more ways than one. Rather than feeling fresh and alive, I … Continue reading

Carved in stone

One of my major turnoffs is attention seeking persona. There are people I make exceptions off. Like G. Cos she has a heart of gold and the attention seeking aura is not in any bad ways. But, I am absolutely unsympathetic to people who feels the need to play out and broadcast personal bad news … Continue reading

What happens after this

USD interest rate is almost zero. What’s next? I wonder if there is any person who can confidently predict what will happen to the global financial market in this bottomless pit of crisis.

Too bad dough is not free

Case A: Mr Exotic Personality in trying to convince us that he should not be paying for the dough that we advanced him, volunteered to strip himself naked for dear boss. It was a colourful conversation. Let’s hope he is not serious. If only the dough is free, we will have willingly give it to … Continue reading


Guess no one can say he does not deserve it. And to the journalist: “Oh darn! You missed!”

If I am not too extravagant

this month, I should be able to hit my savings target for this year. Not any big amount but not bad for 9 months of work. If I can make myself take the public transport to work everyday, I should be able to save more next year. With the crisis going on, I really should … Continue reading

My latest oldies craze

I am getting myself a Beatles Complilation for X’mas this year for a dose of my latest craze for oldies. When I am Sixty-four By Beatles When I get older, losing my hair Many years from now Will you still be sending me a Valentine Birthday greetings, bottle of wine If I’d been out till … Continue reading

Wake me up when September ends

Lately, I have been feeling like I can feel again My senses are awakening Flashes of memories bring back varying emotions With the emotions gushing through me Some of these memories brings me right back to the moment Conjuring myriad of feelings that feel so familiar And surprise me with the depth of their intensity … Continue reading