So, I did not make it to workagain.

I made it to the void deck downstair and was trying to hail a cab but was bowled over with a wave of dizziness. The same dizziness that I fighted with when brushing my teeth, getting dressed and in the lift. I contemplated getting on a cab anyway to go to work. But, with the world draped all in dark moving spots and swaying away, I give up and concede that I have to call in sick for the third day in a row. No point pushing my luck. It will be stupid to make it to office only to have to go see a doctor and come back.

So now, am lying on the bed, feeling like a pin cushion. Not sure why flu/fever/cough can induce aching in the entire body. Literally all part of the body (except maybe the brain) ached.  What’s the link? I cannot remember the last time I am so aware of every part of my body, every single movement cause aching. Well, one good that comes out of being sick is I get more internet time. That is when the medicine has not exercise its full power to conk me off.  

I am refusing to worry about how dear boss is reacting to another day of mc. My colleague did respond quite kindly to my sms full of apologies. Meanwhile, I have spoken to the critical few clients I need to call. So, if no further issues surface, I should get some rest. Hopefully, no more dizzy episode to keep me from reporting work tmw.


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