Carved in stone

One of my major turnoffs is attention seeking persona. There are people I make exceptions off. Like G. Cos she has a heart of gold and the attention seeking aura is not in any bad ways. But, I am absolutely unsympathetic to people who feels the need to play out and broadcast personal bad news over the internet in a very deliberate manner.

Received sms regarding impeding wedding.
Received sms postponing wedding.
Status on FB updated to “It’s complicated!”
Updates on Couple Album
Status updated to “Single”
Progressive postings of selling household items & wedding items.
Staus updated back to “It’s complicated!”
All the above happening in a span of 2-3 weeks, in the month of the wedding.
Maybe, we may still make it to the wedding?

The last thing they broke off, we received a mass sms notifying us of the breakup. Yet, the subsequent patch up in rather short time frame was all “hush..hush…” In case, you are wondering, it is not nice to make people worried about you and then, to keep silent when all is well.

Call me callous. This time round, I refuse to even enquire about what is happening. We are obviously not close friends. Cos if we are, I will probably have given you a very big piece of my mind.


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