Posted in February 2009

Self admission

Maybe it helps to admit this to myself rather than having all my friends tell it to me. They are all stating one very obvious fact. I am really unhappy with my job. If I am really honest about it, I am still trying to force myself to accept the environment and culture. In fact, … Continue reading


why there are so many people who bark over the phone. After I put down the phone on the 3rd barking voice this afternoon, it striked me that beside their barks, they have one thing in common. They are all women.

Keeping sane

The only thing keeping me sane is the quick snatches fm Bill Bryson’s book. Just one or two pages is enough to cheer/destress me before going back to the reports. Deadlines. A whole chain of them coming up. And mistakes. Lots of them. Every single report came back with mistakes no matter how careful I … Continue reading

Job Rotation

Friend was telling us this story about her niece. This 2.5 years old little imp called her dad at the end of her first day at the childcare. 2.5 yrs old: Daddy, starting tmw, I will come to work for you. Dad: Huh? 2.5 yrs old: Since I am there to work for you, you … Continue reading

The travelbug bites

Am dying to get away for another backpacking trip. I enjoy meeting nice and interesting people from different cultures who are always ready to share an interesting tale or two. No baggage. Just a couple of strangers, enjoying a few shared moments. Unfortunately, leave has been freezed. Due to a freak accident, I am temporarily … Continue reading