Posted in March 2009

Chance meeting

Bumped into an ex-colleague outside my office and arranged to catch up over lunch. Over lunch today, he announced that he is flying next week for a 2 years assignment in UK. Apparently, package is not that great. Well, for the experience, I will jump at the opportunity too if I have no obligation on … Continue reading

Recipe for Lazy Sunday

Not in the mood to go gym this sunday. Gonna try this recipe, have a lazy Sunday & enjoy the dvd I just got. Penne alla Cesare (Caesar Salad Pasta) Prep & Cooking Time: Yield: 4 servings Serving Size: 1.000 serving 1/2 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese, divided Parmesan cheese curls, made with a vegetable … Continue reading

I will be the first to admit that I have a rebellious steak in me. I can be stubborn as a mule when I set my mind to it. I am neither submissive or docile by nature. But, I give myself credit that I have mellowed considerably over the years. And, I work much harder … Continue reading

The Exposed Nest

You were forever finding some new play. So when I saw you down on hands and knees I the meadow, busy with the new-cut hay, Trying, I thought, to set it up on end, I went to show you how to make it stay, If that was your idea, against the breeze, And, if you … Continue reading

Barely 10 mins into the conversation, the term “pompous ass” came to mind. Less than half an hour into the conversation, I was more than half asleep and trying not to yawn. I can find nothing attractive about rich and pompous, especially when it is inherited wealth.

The silly things I do for privacy

My facebook account has been disabled. The obvious question of why has the most silly answer. After learning that some members in the office spend their time spying on facebook’s accounts of people in the office, I did something really silly. In a bid to avoid being in the position to have to add them … Continue reading

The cousin makes me feel extremely touched sometimes. One of the elderly uncle who had been living overseas passed away. The cousin’s first instinct was to fly over for the funeral. In times like that, he makes me feel rather ashamed of myself. The thought of flying over did not even cross my mind. I … Continue reading