Beside work, there are boozing on Friday and food binges on Saturday

Been hanging out with fren and her hubby and their couple friends, boozing on Friday nights. (There goes the new year’s resolution.) Incidentally, I know one of the guys through work. Inevitably, bitching about work was one of the highlights. The fren commented wryly, “There is a reason why these guys booze so much. They are all from your industry. Like you, they need to de-stress.”

Not the best option for de-stress but it will do for now. Hanging out with these people are nice and casual. People come and go. The party breaks up pretty early after a couple of drinks. Light hearted chat, no heavy shop talk or heavy personal stuff. I like it.

And every couple of weeks, the usual food binges with cousins. We basically just hangout and make jokes at each other’s expense. Last week, the joke was at my expense, keeping us entertained till wee hours. I was quite amused actually.


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