I will be the first to admit that I have a rebellious steak in me. I can be stubborn as a mule when I set my mind to it. I am neither submissive or docile by nature. But, I give myself credit that I have mellowed considerably over the years. And, I work much harder to curb my impulses and tone down my temper.

With my temperment, I do admit that I am not the easiest subordinate to work with. However, I am trying. By my own estimation, I will think that I am trying really hard. In fact, I thought I was being extremely submissive. Yet, one casual comment fm the colleague is enough to tell me otherwise. I was stunned by the comment, “Sometimes from the way you talk to him, I get the idea that you can’t stand him.” I guess that is a great difference between really submitting to authority and trying hard not to challenge authority. Somehow, there will always be tell tales sign when you are not truly convinced. And I thought I was being really meek in office.

Guess I should take some advices for my own good.


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