Two superbeings with unalienable rights

So it appears that the boss and I are two super-beings whose unalienable rights has been passively recognised by those super-power beings who lord over us.

These super-power beings had decided that, quite unfortunately, they do not have enough prowess to save the earth. Those of them, feeling just that tiny tinge of doubt in this judgement, are unfortunately not quite sure whether it is actually their job to save the earth. After all, their real jobs are to save their asses.

Since nobody is quite sure of anything except the fact that their collective asses are indispensible, it has been unanimiously decided that the task of saving the world can be left to those beings with indisputable unalienable rights. Henceforth, in the face of any threats to earth, the two super-beings shall be notified immediately with the trust that they can save the earth by exercising their unalienable rights..or be destroyed together with the earth if they failed to react. It was also noted by all the super-power beings that it is actually mission impossible lah.

I can so feel the clouds of sympathy oozing from them.

My heart goes out to boss who looked gob-smacked. I wanted to say something comforting and amusing so that we can laugh it off but could not quite find the words. I walked back to my desk and realised that I am quite tired too.

P.S. I finally met up with M in her full pregnancy glory! I was feeling so derived by proper conversations that I talked and talked and talked NON STOP. I probably tired out both the baby and her, just from listening to me.


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