Wilful Senora

The Mum has decided that she has enough of the working world and has declared that she is going to Retire.

On a daily basis, she has been most creative in coming up with hundred and one reasons why she is now unfit for employment. It would have been amusing if it was not so frustrating.

Finally, she got weary of the daily campaign efforts and decided to announce jauntily that she is going to tender her resignation right after bonus and will be a free woman before new year.

And so now, I am gonna to be a bonded woman with a bank loan to consider starting next year.

It is inevitable that I have to be the sole breadwinner. My own wilful self was hoping that this can be delayed for another couple of years. But, despite my own personal feelings about it, the Mum does have a right to decide to retire if she wants to. After all, I have been independent for a really long time by now. I just wish her views about retirement are more realistic.

Oh and just yesterday, Senora declared that she is going for another holiday on her own since her delinquent daughter has bluntly refused to bring her for another holiday this year. She probably forgot that the previous day, in making the retirement announcement, she also declared that she will be careful about spending money. This lapse in memory is probably just a sure sign that she is really unfit for employment.

I wonder if this will be me in another few decades. Or maybe, I can start now and head out to Gucci to buy the designer bag I have been lusting after and then logged online to book a trip to Peru and prepare to head out there on my own before next year.


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