Posted in April 2010

I wish you love

Went to watch ” A Singaporean in Paris” yestersday. It was a simple production which managed to be endearingly touching. No elaborated sets and glamourous costumes to distract. It does however has a great cast. Of course, Hossan was great and I love Leigh Mcdonald’s voice! I like the simplicity, tinted with humour and emotions, … Continue reading

The mummies

Am most impressed with the intricacies of the ancient Egyptians and how well preserved the mummies are.


Was told to wear something vintage to a themed party. Dug out this old velvet dress that I brought for my first D&D when I was 20. (Yes, I have stuff this old sitting at the back of my closet.) That was probably one of the most expensive dresses I owned back then. And it … Continue reading