Time to move on

Being scared is not a good reason to stay put. Moving on is always a good thing. I have been pondering over the same thing for so long that I truly think making a decision is better than no decision. However, I am unable to feel total relief at having made up my mind. I keep reminding myself that fear of the unknown is only natural.

Yet, I am unable to quite keep my fears at bay. The thoughts of having to start all over again in a new place is secretly scaring the hell out of me.

My mind keeps going back to what you told me almost 3 years back, “Even if the next job that you landed may not be what you really wanted, it will ultimately bring you closer to what you want.” This statement somehow assured me. After all, my last decision to move on was good. It has not been easy but it is still a good move. I feel more settled and found something I like.

Why stay when the only reason to stay is fear of being out of the comfort zone?


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