Just an interlude?

Been wondering if we are just gonna to be a minor interlude in each other’s lives after I move on.

Seems like that is gonna be the case. The only logical basis for the unexpected rapport arises out of being in a common situation. I am unable to recall when/how it all started. Not overnight but seems to appear out of the blue.

We are actually not as close as the people around us perceived us to be. In fact, we are almost religious about maintaining a distance cos we are both equally conscious of the glances around us. Obviously, we are both not reaching out to bridge the distance between us. We steer away from all talks of relationships, choosing to tell each other mudane details of our daily lives.

So why do I keep having this nagging self doubt about how I feel about this person? After all, we could have just ignore the people around and openly enjoy our friendship. Why the heck do we need to try so hard to keep a distance? It can’t just be me cos he just did the dumbest thing ever. Yet, if we are to move on without maintaining contact, I probably will not feel more than a tinge of regret. I should think it is the same for him.


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