Posted in December 2010

Wishlist come true?

This seems so ideal. Wish me luck as bountiful as snow in Europe. If I get it, I am getting Mum an ipad with my first paycheck. Haha.. Advertisements

Just go with the flow

No expectation. Light hearted banters. New discoveries. Common grounds to share. Insignificant details. Getting comfortable. Nice little gestures. Finding faults. Little disappointments here and there which are no big deals. Remember, no expectations. Avoid conversations that are too close for comfort. This distance is good. Closer than others but not close enough to bring complications. … Continue reading


30% jump in pay Foreign entity International network Cosmopolitan Culture Open communication channels Autonomy Equitable rewards system Male Boss (Mature, Composed, Does not sweat the small stuffs, NOT A CONTROL FREAK, able to respect individual space and differences, NOT TEMPERMENTAL). Nice colleagues (No selfish bitch within small team, some regular male presence appreciated). Availability of … Continue reading