Dose of bitchiness

It takes one very bad boss to make one appreciate all the good and mediocre bosses that one ever had.

I am learning different things definitely.

How to take things in my stride. Definitely more rooms for improvement but hey, everyday I am improving. Rather proportionately with the nasty emails that was directed my way or to third parties from bitch truly. I am also honing my sense of humour simultaneously.

I am also learning my threshold for tolerance is rather high for people I deemed as hopeless or not interested to give 2 toots about. Pander to thou? Argue? Or outburst? Bitch truly can just continue the wait. I rather do more work so that I can get out of office earlier.

On second thoughts, maybe Red Queen is a better nick than Bitch truly. Although, I think the makeup looks awfully like a reproduction of the White Queen. Or perhaps, Queen Bitch makes an excellent choice.


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