Posted in June 2011

Where shall I go from here?

I admit to feeling rather lost at this stage in my life. Not that I do not have any inklings of what I want. Rather I am at a lost how to get to what I want. Since it is a tad too early to attribute it to menopause, I have decided reflection is in … Continue reading

Silence and check

This is certainly one of those times where silence is golden. Suffice to say that I need to learn to hold my temper in check. Cos’ you may have reason on your side. If you lost your cool first, you become the party in the wrong.

Let go

It is attachment Give it up. Not into his character. He is too needy and negative. It is a lonely call for attention. He needs even more attention than I do. It is selfish desire to have a way out Well, he is the wrong way out. I need someone I can depend on. I … Continue reading