Let go

It is attachment
Give it up. Not into his character. He is too needy and negative.

It is a lonely call for attention.
He needs even more attention than I do.

It is selfish desire to have a way out
Well, he is the wrong way out. I need someone I can depend on. I am not looking to wear the pants in the relationship. I am looking for a healthy and happy relationship.

It is a need to have someone who cares.
He does not care. Not really. He has demonstrated it clearly via action or rather inaction. He is emotionally unavailable.

However, I think I should be thankful to him cos he was the one who helped me move out of the rut that I was in. He unwittingly showed me that I have gradually move on with my life, away from C. They say every person appears in your life for a reason. Guess it is true. This person has done some good in my life.


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