Posted in July 2011

Hopping along the railway track

From senior citizens to babies being held, the track was buzzing with families, couples, activities groups, students and tourists, all eagerly partaking of the chance to stroll along the railway tracks. Advertisements

Chance meeting

All those years of wondering what have become of you and hoping that we may bump into each other. But, I have never bumped into you again since graduation. Along life’s journey, you have ceased into non-existence in my life. Unexpectedly, it happened. With my mouth wide open, ready to take a huge bite of … Continue reading

I read this quote somewhere, “If you do not change the course of your direction, you will eventually get to where you are going.” I am not giving up.

It is only the first date. Do not judge and do not compare. Conversation was flowing comfortably. It was a nice enough evening and passed rather quickly. Received a rather nice message from him when I reached home.


Even if I do not get the job, I have alot to be thankful about. I have supportive family who love me and giving friends who are always there for me. Unexpected concerns springing up to surprise me. I have the freedom of time to relax and do what I want. It is a wonderful … Continue reading

Thank you

Whatever the outcome, I appreciate your efforts and thoughts. It helps to clear some cobwebs in my mind. I think we can be good friends going forward. Thank you.