Chance meeting

All those years of wondering what have become of you and hoping that we may bump into each other. But, I have never bumped into you again since graduation. Along life’s journey, you have ceased into non-existence in my life.

Unexpectedly, it happened. With my mouth wide open, ready to take a huge bite of my beard papa custard puff, I suddenly realised that the person right in my line of vision was you. A plumb version of you. After almost 2 decades. First thought was, “wow, you have changed quite a bit” which was swiftly followed by the image of my nerdy old self with the huge glasses covering half my face, promptly the thought, “ok, I think I don’t look too bad today”. And I realised your adorable boy and parents were with you.

For some reasons, the chance meeting perked me up. On those very rare occasions that you came to mind, I’ll wonder if life has been good to you. Seems like it has been and that is good to know.

It was not my plans to be at that particular venue today. Really I could be anywhere nearby in that split second. Life seems to have a knack for throwing up surprises in unexpected moments.


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