First impression

I like the people here. At least, I know the boss is a nice chap. People here are busy but they are decent human beings unlike the previous place.

However, I sense the stress level here is high. It is a different kind of stress comparatively. In the previous place, stress came from the politics and bitchiness of the environment. In this place, stress comes from performance targets. And I have to admit the previous person who left was very good. I am kinda stress about living up to expectations.

It looks like the going ahead is gonna be tough. Whatever is ahead, I hope to do my best and see career progression here. When the going gets tough, I will remind myself of how difficult the past few months was and the long process I have to go through for this position. I hope the past few months can be a humbling experience to remind me to be grateful of what I have and be a motivating source of strength to drive me further.


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