Posted in October 2011

Smell the roses

is what I want to constantly remind myself. In the past one month, work seems to have completely taken over my life. From mon to fri, it’s all about work. Most nights, I leave office between 10pm – 11.45pm and could do nothing more grab a cab home, shower & drag myself to bed. On … Continue reading


Am humbled that all my mum wants for her birthday is just to have dinner with me at home and a very small cake so that I can sing her a birthday song. I guess I have always known that this is all she wants. For her past birthdays, I have always made more of … Continue reading

3rd Q – Reflections

This has been quite an amazing year. A year of contradictions where there are seeminglessly lots of changes, and yet, after the rollercoaster ride, I realize that the most fundamental things are still the same. The things that matter the most to me, my values and my personality have remained unchanged. However, I am more … Continue reading