Smell the roses

is what I want to constantly remind myself. In the past one month, work seems to have completely taken over my life. From mon to fri, it’s all about work. Most nights, I leave office between 10pm – 11.45pm and could do nothing more grab a cab home, shower & drag myself to bed. On weekends, I catch up on both sleep and work. Frankly, I feel stressed and tired all the time. Even sleep is restless.

2 recent incidents serve as timely reminder that I need to adapt quickly to the stress and somehow finds more balance in my life.

Incident 1: Our old family friends, this kindly couple went for a family holiday in China. On the eventful day, they were supposed to trek up a hill for a scenic view. Uncle complained of a headache and took a panadol for it. He told his family to go ahead and he would wait for them at the foot of the hill. When they came back, he was already dead. Apparently, he developed breathing complications while waiting for them. Everyone was shell-shocked. So were we when we heard the news. It made you realized how fragile life is.

Incident 2: My mum’s friend who was struggling with cancer was transferred out of ICU and passed away overnight. Mum and her group of friends were rejoicing over news that their friend was out of ICU and making plans to visit her. Unfortunately, she passed away before they could visit.

These stories are not uncommon. Every person I know have encountered death and illnesses by association. It is a reminder to live life meaningfully and treasure life. At this moment, when it is so easy to let work overwhelm me, it is a reminder on the importance of striking a balance in life. It is also a reminder to live the life I want, not the life that is built on others’ expectation of me.


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