Self reminder

It is the core of who we are that give us strength. Amid the daily pressures of life, never lose sight of who we are. Every little decision and choice should define we are and aligned with our core values. It may be difficult to stand up to the pressures but it is the only way to maintain happiness.

Life has been rather tough lately. I feel like a totally different person from the carefree self I was in January. In fact, I feel like 4 different persons in the same year. Or rather, I feel like a person with 4 different lives in the same year. After all the changes, it is time to take stock for some brutal self reflections. C is right. I need to seriously consider the character fit or change my perspective. Changing my perspective does not mean changing my core values. And I need to take stock that work is part of my life. The problems associated with it should not be magnified into an endless flow of stress. I need to progress in other parts of life to strive a balance.

On the family front, I am truly blessed to have an ever supportive and caring mum. I am touched and thankful for my mum’s unconditional love. Lately, it has struck me how strong and independent she has become. I am truly proud of her strength and her receptiveness to try out now things these days. She quite amazes me these days. I used to think I was the strong one and she was the weak one. It has become quite the reverse recently. She has increasing become my source of strength and anchor these days. I feel truly blessed.


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